The hydraulic boom model i-7S for agricultural sprayers Gaysa is designed to optimize treatment´s distribution in huge extension crops. This boom has some key features that make them an excellent option for farmers who want maximize the efficiency of these sprayers. It has hydraulic slope corrector, so it allows adjust automatically the height of the boom related to the area to get an uniform distribution of the liquid over crop area. Besides, the boom has an automatic tip return, so it avoids oversaturation in near areas to border lines, so it increases precision in flow control and it is perfect to avoid obstacles. It is affordable up 24 meters.

barra herbicida i7s Gaysa
barra para pulverizadores suspendidos y arrastrados de 24 metros

Cobertura de aplicación de la barra herbicida i7s de Gaysa

  • Available models: 18, 21 and 24 meters
  • Arms inclined at 6° in transport position
  • First joint perpendicular to the direction of travel, with anti-tilt system
  • Tip and first arm open vertically, all other arms open horizontally
  • Exclusive hydraulic slope corrector that does not override the self-levelling system
  • Hydraulic locking
  • Variable geometry
  • Mechanical slope corrector
  • Elastic tip protection (front-rear)
  • 7 folding sections (18Mtrs)
  • 9 folding sections (21-24Mtrs)
  • Electrical control box for hydraulic functions
  • Integral mechanical protection
  • Adjustable rear fender
  • Stainless steel nozzle holder tubes
  • Triple nozzle holder at 50cms.
  • Reinforced steel structure and aluminum tips
  • Oven polymerized paint
  • Support for light kit and registration plaque
Marks foam passesMarcador de pasadas de espuma pulverización
V-20 Lights+ sheetsluces y placas V-20 para maquinaria agrícola fitosanitaria
LED spotlightsFocos led para maquinaria agrícola
“Load Sensing (optimizes tractor oil consumption)optimizador el consumo de aceite del tractor
EXPLORER Joystick (Combined with BRAVO-400s)Joystick Explore para Bravo 400 de Arag
EXPLORER Joystick (Combined with ISOBUS)Joystick Explore para ISOBUS
ModelLength (mm)Width (mm)Height (mm)Weight (kg)
18 m9102,4002,790700
21 m1,0502,4002,790830
24 m1,0502,4001,990850


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