Incrementa la precisión en tus tratamientos agrícolas con el radar detector de vegetación Kronos Beta: Una solución rentable y eficiente

Sonar Kronos Beta en cabina de tractor

Vegetation detector radar Kronos Beta is a technological tool developed for our r+D+I department that use radar waves to measure vegetation presence in a determined area. It´s designed for atomizers that work in crops with wide planting frames. Vegetation detector radar Kronos Beta has the following advantages:

  1. Better precision: It can measure vegetation presence with a high precision, so it allows a selective application of treatments in crops.
  2. Cost saving: It reduces the quantity of products and water used in crops and it reduces cost production. Also operating and maintenance costs, as we reduce manpower, fuel, tractor hours and equipment hours by recharging much less.
  3. Environmental impact reduction: by reducing the amount of phytopharmaceutical used, the environmental impact they can have on soil, water and wildlife is reduced.
  4. Increased crop protection efficiency: by selectively applying to areas in need of protection, it ensures that crops are more effectively protected against pests and diseases.

We have developed two versions of Kronos Beta radar:

The Kronos Beta LT is the simplest version of this model. It has a 5″ touch screen with 800×480 resolution, integrated GPS for speed on the monitor and a wired connection. It has 4 working modes:

GPS speed


Simulated speed


It is configured as standard to obtain the display of different working parameters on the screen:


Number of trees treated

Working time

Date and time

Status of the solenoid valves

Status of ultrasonic probes

The most complete version is the Kronos Beta Pro, with a 7″ touch screen, GPS integrated in the power box, wireless connection and flow meter. Like the LT model it has 4 independent working modes (right-left):

Automatic, according to actual forward speed.

Automatic, according to the simulated forward speed

Automatic, with input and output delay


This model has a more sophisticated data display, storage and control system than the simple version, as follows:

Forward speed display

Display of working pressure (optional)

Display of the total instantaneous flow rate (L/min)

Display of applied volume (L/Ha)

Display of liters per tree

Controller of treated trees

Area counter (hectares covered)

Area counter (hectares treated)

Liters distributed counter

Counter of hours worked

Kilometer travelled counter

Tractor consumption counter (not real)

It also provides information on different values of the equipment’s autonomy.

Remaining liters in tank

Hectares to be treated with the remaining liters

Working time with the remaining liters

Remaining distance to be covered with the remaining liters

Visual and audible warnings of:

Correct operation of sensors and solenoid valves.

Deviations from the marked margins of speed, pressure, flow, tank level, etc.

Deviation from the programmed dosage (liters/hectare).

By selecting either version of the Kronos Beta, either the LT or Pro version, there is a marked increase in the efficiency of agricultural treatments and a significant reduction in associated costs. However, the choice between one or the other will depend on the level of precision required for the crop in question.

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