Hydraulic boom i6-G allows a more exact application of the treatment in low crops, so they can be adjusted to apply the correct quantity of the product in the exact place where it is needed. They can cover huge areas in no time, up to 21 meters, so it helps to save time and reduce production costs. Furthermore, they can be adjusted to work in different heights and widths, so it allows a more uniform application.

i6 G Barra hidráulica para pulverizador agrícola
barra hidráulica para aplicación de herbicida

Tabla e cobertura de pulverización de barras herbicidas i6g de Gaysa

  • Arms inclined 6° in transport position (NEW)
  • Sequential vertical folding of all sections
  • Self levelling, pendulum system
  • Mechanical slope corrector (IMPROVED)
  • Optional hydraulic slope corrector (ENHANCED)
  • Suspension system with shock absorbers for the reduction of vertical oscillations (IMPROVED)
  • First joint perpendicular to the direction of travel
  • Manual locking
  • Elastic tip protection (front-rear)
  • Double steel tie rods, anti-whiplash effect
  • Stainless steel nozzle holder tubes
  • Triple nozzle holders at 50cm
  • Elastic retaining elements
  • Requires 2 pressure-return assemblies (3 with lift)
  • Central protection cover with logo (NEW)
  • Reinforced steel structure and aluminum tips
  • Oven-polymerized paint
Marks foam passesMarcador de pasadas de espuma pulverización
V-20 lights and sheetsluces y placas V-20 para maquinaria agrícola fitosanitaria
Manual cutting eccentric nozzlesBoquillas excéntricas de corte manual
“HYPRO” manual cutting nozzlesBoquillas HYPRO manual
Eccentric nozzles electric cuttingBoquillas excéntricas eléctricas
“HYPRO” nozzles electric cuttingboquillas eléctricas HYPRO
Joystick 2 buttons 3 functionsJoystick con dos botones para funciones hidráulicas de la barra herbicida
Slope corrector and lock (Joystick 4B 5F)Joystick de 4 Botones 5 Funciones para corrector de pendiente y bloqueo
Slope corrector and lock (electric panel)Corrector de pendiente y bloqueo con panel eléctrico
Slope corrector and lock (computer + double-acting EV)Corrector de pendiente y bloqueo con computadora y electro válvulas de doble efecto Arag
LED lightsFocos led para maquinaria agrícola
ModelLength (mm)Width (mm)Height (mm)Weight (kg)
12 m50024002680380
14 m50024003070400
15 m55024002670450
16 m55024002670460
18 m55024003060500
21 m55024003550550


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