They are essential to keep quality and aspect of sport fields. These wheelbarrows have a specific design to adapt to the needs and features of these type of areas, they have high quality wheels specifically designed for no damage area and makes easier the management. Furthermore, it includes an herbicide folding boom with anti-drift hood that helps to reduce time work and it improves treatment output.

Carretilla para aplicación de fitosanitarios en césped
  • Capacities: 125 and 200 liters
  • Chassis made of bent tube, fire painted
  • 2 Wheels 16,5×6.5 8″ 6PR (special grass)
  • 1 front swivel wheel
  • Support with metal hose reel for 50mtrs
  • Membrane pump
  • Manual pressure regulator
  • 4-stroke HONDA petrol engine
  • Polyethylene fuel tank
  • Auxiliary hand-washing tank (only 125 ltrs)
  • Threaded lid with filter
  • Folding herbicide boom with anti-drift hoods
  • Coverage 3 meters (Manual traction model)
  • Coverage 6 meters (Traction mower model)
  • Manual traction or towed to the mower
  • 25 meters of hose
  • Spray gun


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