5 advantages of agricultural spraying with ozone

agricultura ecológica con ozono

Ozone spraying in agriculture has become in a more popular technique due to its multiple benefits. Ozone is a natural gas that is in atmosphere and it´s used in agriculture as an oxidizing and disinfectant agent. Now, we are going to know some of more remarkable benefits of spraying with ozone in agriculture.

Elimination of pathogens: Ozone is a powerful disinfect agent that can eliminate bacteria, fungus and virus in plants, ground and water. If we reduce the microbial load in agriculture, it can be improved health plants and reduce the need of use chemical pesticides.

Production increase: Ozone use in agriculture can increase production and output crops. Ozone stimulates plants growing to increase nutrients absorption and improve ground quality. It also increases resistance of plants to diseases and insects.

Reduction of environmental impact: Ozone spraying is a technique that don´t use harmful chemical products for environment. It doesn´t use chemical pesticides. Ozone is a more ecological and sustainable solution that can reduce negative impact in the ground, water and air.

Quality product improvement: Ozone use in agriculture can improves final product quality, Ozone can help to reduce waste quantity of pesticides in crops, improving quality and security of food.

It increases photosynthesis: Ozone can improves light quality that receives plants that can produce more energy and then, grow and develop quickly.

Ozone use in agriculture could be beneficial for health plants, environment and people. But, it´s important know that ozone application should be done by a professional to assure effectiveness and security. Besides, it is fundamental that sprayer has a correct equipment of ozone and complies with all regulations and production approvals.

In Gaysa we have a solution that can be adapted perfectly to any of our sprayers or atomizers. Sulpul Agricombo model is designed for spraying in treatment of crops disinfection.

How it works

Ozone is produced by activation of the oxygen molecules by means of a high voltage discharge.

The ozone spraying system is equipped with a main switch, internal compressor activation switch, green LED operation indicator, red LED indicator, analogue voltage indicator (voltmeter).

The Sulpul system complies with several official regulations such as RD/1054/2022. Transitional provision of the Ministry of Health, ECHA (Co-owner Scientific Dossier) – Ozone Active Substance. TP 2, 4, 5, 11. BPR and Active Substance ECNo. 233-069-2 CAS No. 10028-15-6.

Technical data are the following:


O3 Ozone Output (g/h)20
O3 concentration (g/m3)40-80
Volume (L/min)0-10
Power (W)460
Pressure220/240 V
Frequency (Hz)50-60
Noise level>60
Dimensions65 x 70 cm, 28 Kg



In our sustainable agriculture section you can find more information about ozone spraying and other more environmentally friendly solutions.

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