Biodynamics agriculture is an approach of organic agriculture that is focused in the use of preparations of plants and organic materials to improve floor and plants health. So, we offer a set of sprayer and revitalizing for preparation and application of treatment respect to the biodynamics agriculture requirements.

conjunto para pulverización biodinámica

Technical features Biodynamic sprayer:

  • Available capacities: 400 and 600 Liters
  • Main tank made of one-piece polyethylene.
  • Auxiliary tanks for clean water, hand washers and circuit washers.
  • Reinforced steel chassis
  • Anti-corrosion coating with polyurethane-based paint
  • 12 V electric pump with pressure regulating valve
  • Hinged lid
  • Filter in the filler neck
  • Inspectable suction filter with valve
  • PVC air circulation pipe, double outlet (left-right) length according to crop height
  • 1-speed centrifugal air unit (1:7 ratio)
  • Double hydraulic circuit

Technical features Biodynamic revitalizing:

  • Available capacities (total): 250, 420 and 900 liters
  • Available capacities (usable): 150, 300 and 600 liters
  • Stainless steel tank
  • Reinforced steel chassis
  • Anti-corrosion coating with polyurethane-based paint
  • Single-phase/three-phase electric motor (depending on version)
  • Two-way mechanical mixer
  • Stainless steel tube with blades
  • Gravity discharge valve
  • Reinforced castor wheels with brake
  • Level and calibration sensor tube


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