Our Oasis models are light and compact mistblowers designed for narrow planting frames.  It offers incredible outputs in fruit crops, vineyards, almond trees and olive trees.

Atomizador suspendido Oasis

Fans of mistblower´s model Oasis are exclusively designed by our r+d+I and they are an essential part of agriculture equipment for protection of crops of trees. These fans help to make treatments with excellent results, getting a distribution and penetrating in a perfect way.

Ventilador modelo Oasis de Gaysa para pulverizadores hidroneumáticos

Oasis fan 900 mm has 10 Nylon adjustable blades in two positions and it gets outputs of 80.000 m3/h of air volume.

Predistribuidor de aire para ventiladores Oasis de gaysa

The predistributor of air is made by reinforced Nylon with fiberglass. It increases pressure and air speed of discharge.

caja multiplicadora M60 para atomizadores gaysa

They have a multiplier of two speeds and a neutral 1:7 with 50 CV of absorbed power.

Turbine AngleR.P.MM3/hMultiplier
900 mm30º54070,000 
 35º54080,000Speed 2 + P.M
PredistributorClutchNº shovelsNº getsEnveloping
YesNo10 Nylon + Fiber14+2Polyethylene
  • Exclusive deposit design FG Group
  • Capacities: 800, 1,000 and 1,200 liters
  • Manual override with tap and pressure gauge
  • Cleaning internal robot
  • Ultra-clean output filters
  • Inhalation filter with valve
  • Double adjustable nozzle holder with anti-drop
  • V adjustable deflector
  • Reinforced transmission G7 1,200mm
  • 5 meters charger 50 floating


Electric control 2 ways (on/off)Mando para atomizador de corte de secciones eléctrico para atomizador agrícola
Electric control with in-cab controlMando eléctrico con regulación en cabina para atomizadores
Double sonar with vegetation detector LTSonar detector de vegetación para atomizadores
Mixer 35L multifunction Mezclador de productos fitosanitarios para agricultura
Fan clutch 900 mmEmbrague para ventilador de atomizadores de 800 mm
Dimensions800 L1,000 L1,200 L
Length (mm)1,9101,9101,910
Width (mm)1,5801,5801,580
Height (mm)1,6151,7701,940
Weight (kg)400450500

optional deflectors for OASIS

Deflector de aire para atomizador y cultivo de olivos


It´s made by stainless steel for a turbine of 900 mm. It is ideal for olive trees and almond trees

Deflector para atomizadores de uso mixto en cultivos en espaldera


It is a perfect deflector for trellised tree crops. Upper ailerons are regulated in a manual way, but optionally it can has a hydraulic activation kit.


Download product data sheet in PDF

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