Nebulizador remolcado EuroVid Gaysa para viñedos en espaldera
geometría variable nebulizador
Variable geometry

Control valves improve precision and control of hydraulic arms movements.

aplicación a dos filas completas de cultivo en espaldera
Application to 4 faces

It allows application of the treatment for 2 complete lines in trellis crops.

  • Capacity: 1,500 and 2,000 liters
  • 2-way electrical control (on/off)
  • Self-cleaning outlet filters, suction filter
  • Lights and catadioptric
  • Interior cleaning robot
  • Centrifugal unit 8 outlets
  • Double turbine 500mm in balanced steel
  • Cast steel multiplier (M47 1:7,5)
  • 1 speed + P.M.
  • Ferodo clutch 60hp
  • 16 Double fixed nozzle holders with anti-drip system
  • Nozzles ALBUZ ATR-MGA red
  • Nozzles ALBUZ ATR-MGA yellow
  • Treatment of 2 complete rows
  • Air volume 16.000m3/h
  • High air outlet speed (100 m/s)
  • 4+4 adjustable outlet nozzles (2 jets per hand)
  • Pneumatic suspension
  • Hydraulic lift (own hydraulic connection)
  • Joystick 4 buttons 5-F (opening/G.V./raising)
  • Hydraulic opening/closing of arms
  • Manual positioning
  • Variable geometry (V.G.)
  • Straight drawbar with tow eye
  • Adjustable jockey wheel
  • Parking brake (chocks)
Electric control 2 ways with in-cab control regulation Mando eléctrico 2 vías con regulación en cabina
Mixer 35L  multifunction Mezclador de productos fitosanitarios para agricultura
Homokinetik PTO shaftTransmisión homocinética para maquinaria agrícola
Straight rotational drawbarLanza recta giratoria para atomizadores remolcados
Rotational 2 points tow “V”lanza de enganche a brazos de tractor pulverizadores y atomizadores agrícolas Gaysa
Hydraulic brake Sistema de frenado hidráulico para pulverizadores y atomizadores
Semi bent axle without brake
Difference wheel 11.5/80-15.3”ruedas atomizadores y pulverizadores


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