Linkage pneumatic sprayer Eurovid 4.0 use technology of thin spraying to distribute uniformly phytosanitary products in vineyards trellis crops. This assures a more complete covering of leaves and fruits, it improves efficiency of the treatment and it reduces loses for drift and evaporation.

Nebulizador suspendido para viña en espaldera
regulación brazos nebulizador para viña

It has a hydraulic lift with own socket.

aplicación a dos filas completas de cultivo en espaldera
Application to 4 faces

It allows application of the treatment in two complete lines of crops.

  • Capacities: 800 and 1,000 liters
  • 2-way electrical ON/OFF control
  • Self-cleaning outlet filters
  • Suction filter with valve
  • Centrifugal group 8 outlets
  • Double turbine 500mm in balanced steel
  • Cast steel multiplier (M47 1:7,5)
  • 1 speed + P.M.
  • Ferodo clutch 60hp
  • Air volume 16.000m3/h
  • High air outlet speed (100 m/s)
  • 16 Double nozzle holders with anti-drip
  • Red and yellow ALBUZ ATR-MGA nozzles
  • Treatment of 2 complete rows
  • 4+4 adjustable outlet nozzles (2 jets per hand)
  • Hydraulic elevator (own hydraulic connection)
  • Hydraulic opening/closing arms
  • Manual positioning of external columns
  • Pneumatic suspension
  • Joystick 1 button 2-F (opening/transport)
  • Reinforced PTO shaft G7 1200mm
  • Floating 5 meters Ø50 loader
Mixer 35L multifunction


Mezclador de productos fitosanitarios para agricultura
Electric control 2 ways with in-cab control regulationMando eléctrico 2 vías con regulación en cabina


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