Our dredges are known by their huge versatility, so it can be used in a wide variety of crops, like fruit crops, vegetable crops, extensive crops, etc. Besides, it is easy to transport and manage, so it can be used in different lands and in areas of difficult access. They have a 500 mm of diameter turbine and 250, 400 and 600 L steel tanks

cultivos bajos
máquina de polvo para tratamiento agrícola azufradora

Kits for Dusters

Barras hidráulicas para tratamiento de polvo en cultivos de suelo
Hydraulic boom

Hydraulic booms of 14 meters with piping in polyvinyl chloride.

Aplicador de azufre en cultivos emparrados
Kit grapevine

Application system for crops in arbor.

Espolvoreador para cultivos en espaldera
Kit trellis vineyard

Dust applicator for crops plants in trellis like grapes.

pulverizador de polvo para invernaderos Gaysa
Kit greenhouse

It´s designed to apply dust treatments in greenhouses.

Espolvoreadores para árboles frutales y cítricos
Kit trees

Kit for agriculture sprayer for the application of treatments in trees

Cañón para polvo en agricultura
Kit cannon

It has an adjustable output canon

  • Capacities: 250, 400 and 600 liters
  • Stainless steel or painted chassis (depending on version)
  • Speed multiplier 1 + P.M. (MGA 1:7 in aluminum)
  • Power absorbed 25hp
  • Ferodos clutch 30hp
  • Turbine Ø500mm in stainless steel
  • PTO shaft 1000mm G4


Hydraulic boom lifter 14/16mtsElevador hidráulico para barra espolvoreador
Nitrogen suspension for 14/16m barsuspensión barra hidráulica espolvoreador
Joystick 2 buttons 3 functions for bar 14/16mJoystick para funciones hidráulicas de barra herbicida
10 Adjustable flat outlets for boom 14/16mDifusor de polvo para barra hidráulica espolvoreador


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