The Citrus model is a sprayer specially designed for the application of treatments in citrus crops. The upper turbine is equipped with an elevation parallelogram with double cylinder that allows working with the air group extended and penetrating the crop from the upper part of the trees, achieving a better application in all parts, including the trunk.

Atomizador agrícola arrastrado a tractor para cultivos de cítricos

The Mistral´s air groups for mistblowers stand out for offering a high level of air volume. They penetrate better in crops with a high volume of foliar mass, wetting all leafs and the trunk.

By its production features, the market reduces petrol cost and noise pollution, offering better distribution of air range than the air groups of market.

900 mmPosition 154073700Speed 2 + P.M
 Position 254081300 
 Position 354083880 
Predistri.ClutchNº shovelsNº getsEnveloping
NoYes9 Nylon VNS14+2Polyethylene


700 mm30º54040.700Stainless steel
Oil depositPump and motorNº shovelsNº getsTop flaps
60 LHydraulicsNylon10+6Yes


  • Capacities. 2,000 and 3,000 liters
  • Lifting parallelogram with double cylinder
  • Hydraulically operated top flaps
  • 4 hydraulic hoses to the tractor (without joystick)
  • 4-way electric control with control panel
  • Straight drawbar tow eyes
  • Adjustable jockey wheel
  • Parking brake (chocks)
  • Wheels: 11.5/80-15,3
  • Self-cleaning outlet filters
  • Suction filter with valve
  • Double adjustable nozzle holders with anti-drip system
  • Adjustable “V” deflector
  • Lights and reflectors
  • Dust mixer
  • Interior cleaning robot
  • Reinforced PTO shaft G7 1200mm
  • 5 meter Ø50 floating loader
Electric control with in-cab control


Mando eléctrico 2 vías con regulación en cabina
4-way computer 40bar with GPS antenna


computadora Arag Bravo 180s 2 vías 40 Bar con antena GPS


Mezclador de productos fitosanitarios para agricultura
Homokinetic PTO shaftTransmisión homocinética para maquinaria agrícola
Straight rotating drawbarLanza recta giratoria para atomizadores remolcados
Rotational drawbar 2 points tow “V”lanza de enganche a brazos de tractor pulverizadores y atomizadores agrícolas Gaysa
28 + 2 porta boquillas T-900


Kit de 28 portaboquillas
Hydraulic brakeSistema de frenado hidráulico para pulverizadores y atomizadores
Wheels 400/60-15.5ruedas atomizadores y pulverizadores
Dimensions2000 L3000 L
Length (mm)42804570
Width (mm)15002270
Height (mm)16001670

optional deflectors for CITRUS


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