This boom has the capacity to fold laterally to make easier the transport and storage. It has a hydraulic block that assures boom position in the place during transport and it includes a mechanical slope corrector that assures that boom keeps in its adequate position in inclining or different areas, so it avoids coverage lack in some countryside areas. In addition, it has our anti whip system that avoids the excessive movement of boom during work.

Barra herbicida de plegado lateral para pulverizadores arrastrados
estructura barra q7 Gaysa

tabla de coberturas de las barras hidráulicas q7 para pulverizadores

  • Available models: 18, 21 and 24 meters
  • Steel spikes with front-rear anti-collision system
  • 5 lateral opening sections
  • Hydraulic opening cylinders on arm 1
  • Independent hydraulic opening cylinders on 2nd arm
  • Self levelling system
  • Mechanical slope corrector
  • Hydraulic locking
  • Independent damping for vertical oscillations per arm.
  • Anti-whip system
  • Joystick 5 functions + elevation
  • Stainless steel nozzle holder tubes
  • Triple nozzle holder at 50cms
  • Reinforced steel structure with anti-corrosion coating
LED spotlightsFocos led para maquinaria agrícola
Lifting and tilting with control box 7+1caja control funciones hidráulicas q7 elevación e inclinación
BRAVO-180s integrated control for lifting and tiltingbotonera Arag funciones hidráulicas barra herbicida
 9+1 control box for lift, tilt and variable geometrycaja control funciones hidráulicas q7 elevación, inclinación y geometría variable
BRAVO-400s integrated control for elevation, tilt and variable geometrybotonera Arag funciones hidráulicas barra herbicida con geometría variable
700 mm air sleeves and fan kitmangas de aire para barra q7 con ventilador de 800
ModelLength (mm)Width (mm)Height (mm)
18 m5,0002,5802,000
21 m5,5002,5802,150
24 m6,0002,5802,300


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