EUROVID 4.0 PLUS-Mounted Pneumatic Sprayer

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EuroVid 4.0 Plus models are designed for high penetration crops and for a low consumption. The mist like drops and on target spraying at a constant distance minimize loss from evaporation and drift, leaving no traces on the grapes. It is specifically designed for quality treatment of 2 simultaneous rows, either for vineyard or any other crop in trellis or other row layouts.



EUROVID 4.0 PLUS-Mounted Pneumatic Sprayer

Standard Features600 L800 L1000 L
Chassis Reinforced steel Reinforced steel Reinforced steel
Coating Anticorrosion Anticorrosion Anticorrosion
Main Tank Polyethylene Polyethylene Polyethylene
Hand-Rinsing tank Yes Yes Yes
Circuit-cleaner tank Yes Yes Yes
Pump Diaphragm/piston Diaphragm/piston Diaphragm/piston
Control box 2 switches 2 switches 2 switches
Easy access step to tank opening Yes Yes Yes
Folding tank lid with filling filter Yes Yes Yes
Inspectable valve intake filter Yes Yes Yes
Brass filter in the main nozzle holder arch Yes Yes Yes
Pneumatic suspension Yes Yes Yes
Boom opening joystick 2 functions 2 functions 2 functions
Boom opening Hydraulic Hydraulic Hydraulic
Elevation Hydraulic Hydraulic Hydraulic

500 diámetro 500 diámetro 500 diámetro
1 Speed 1 Speed 1 Speed
Clutch Clutch Clutch
Air flow exit speed 80 m/s Air flow exit speed 80 m/s Air flow exit speed 80 m/s
Diffusors 8 Diffusors 8 Diffusors 8
16 jets (2 per diffusor) 16 jets (2 per diffusor) 16 jets (2 per diffusor)
Additional Features
Standard water refilling Yes Yes Yes
Transmission G4 1000 mm G4 1000 mm G4 1000 mm
Complete water refilling unit (with filter) Yes Yes Yes

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Optional Equipment Mounted EuroVid 4.0 Plus

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